Butch Voices performer call-out

Mendi tabling for Butch Voices at Latino Gay Pride

This is the big call for ButchVoices’ 2010 Saturday night showcase performance! The show will be on Saturday, Oct. 2nd. Come be part of the action! This is an evening to celebrate people who identify OR perform on the butch spectrum– trans-masculine, studs, aggressives, bois, shy soft butch, genderqueer, androgynes, etc.

We welcome all submissions for performance– anything goes that can happen on a stage. Ensemble dance, performance art, drag numbers, film/video presentations, music performance, comedy, hand whistling, spoken word– show your manly, boyish, tranny, genderqueer stuff to a big queer PDX audience. We welcome you to interpret the labels of “butch” or “masculine” in a creative way; we hope for the evening to be engaging, challenging, and even a bit controversial. The Saturday showcase is open to anyone, with a regional focus on the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Already booked for Saturday’s show is Ivan E. Coyote, famed queer storyteller & writer. For more information about Ivan’s work, go to

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