Eye Candy:Top 100 hottest “Butches”!

Rebecca Drysdale
Rebecca Drysdale

We rarely do fluff here at, although I won’t claim that we always do *serious* reporting either. We sometimes post things just for the eye candy factor of them – but oh so rarely for the girlqueers. We know that’s a complex issue – what’s considered “hot” in dyke circles isn’t always what the mainstream intarweb can provide. So enjoy this sizzling list! And the term “butch” is used to encompass a spectrum of masculinities-there are GQ, old-skool butches and Trans identified people there too. Some of my faves are posted underneath the cut…!

I adore Syd Blakovich
I adore Syd Blakovich. it’s true.

I adore Syd Blakovich AKA “Shawn” since I first saw them in a (link NSFW) photo series a year or so ago. Since then I’ve been obsessively stalking following their career!

I’m not going to say too much here, but I’m a very physical person and that’s just what I like about them – and their movies ;). And the brains. Syd is very, very smart. And Syd’s poly-partner Jiz Lee is a dreamboat too. As a genderqueer identified, sex positive, often/mostly poly oriented person myself, it’s great to have people in the public eye who are doing just that: being themselves in all of their complexities.

Can I have your eyes as a birthday present?

Julie Goldman. She’s funny as hell,  and you know that’s what you need to get a permit, right? Oh, and she’s beautiful. Nice shirt!

Check out the list!

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