The Butch Project Portland photography shoot — call for models

Internationally recognized Photo- based Artist SD (Shaira) Holman is continuing to explore themes of queer identity in her latest work.

The Butch Project, seeks to explore, document and picture what Butch and female masculinity are in contemporary queer communities. The subjects I work with will include many sizes, shapes, ethnicities and styles of Butch. They will be bold, shy, extravagant, tough, pregnant, silly, sexy …etc. etc.

Verbal and literary definitions of Butch run the risk of stereotyping, as the linearity of language necessitates a one-at-a-time additive or exceptional reading: Butch is this and this and this but not that or that.

In the Butch Project I am positioning Butch as intrinsically queer. I am exploring the complex and contradictory natures of Butch, not trying to explain or dilute or apologize, but to glory in our mercurial and perhaps sometimes confusing natures.

I want to explore Butch identity as inclusive; not as oppositional to Femme, trans identity or feminisms, but as a site of resistance to limitations on the way women, gender, and sexuality are still defined. I am exploring the body, the queer subject, and dismantling socialized, role-defined, gender appropriate behavior.

The queer cultures in which Butch is situated are constantly changing and I wish to capture a diverse range of voices celebrating and reflecting butch identities.


Interested in being a model?

The work will be exhibited in galleries and in an anticipated book on butch. Participants will be required to sign a waiver and in recognition of their time will receive jpegs of 3 shots and an ‘at cost’ 8×10″ print of the best shot.

When: Saturday October 1
Where: Butch Voices Conference, PSU, Portland. Precise details provided on confirmation of appointment.

If you are interested please email with Butch Project Portland in the subject. We’re not exactly sure of times yet but if you have a preference please include it.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone. We’d also appreciate if you mark “attending” on Facebook whether you’re going to make an appointment or not, so that your friends will see this event.

You’re invitation to this event is no comment on your gender identity! We’re just trying to get the word out far and wide. 🙂

If you’re local to Vancouver, Canada please make an appointment for the Oct 23/24 weekend so we can maximise the participation of Butch Voices attendees.

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