Thanksgiving weekend with Tristan Taormino erotica, Just Us! for Monica Taylor, a Peaches Christ Blow Po and an Inferno of women

Have a gay Thanksgiving with this rainbow turkey and be thankful I didn't choose the image of the naked bear as meaty centerpiece


Riot Wednesdays present Riot: RewindDJ Rhienna keeps it real with cross colors early 90s hip hop style so you can go into the holiday season with a fond memories of Christmas music and fashion wishes past.


Portland’s young crowd from across the country often doesn’t have family in town or needs a break from family on holidays so nightlife goes on. But this year it seems everyone decided to stay in with wine and tryptophan induced coma. I’m totally ok with that…Happy Thanksgiving!

And for those of you who don’t have plans and are at a loss as to what to do our friends over at Dave Knows Portland put together a list of things to do on Thanksgiving (and Christmas day) every year!

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Review of newly released anthology ‘Gender Outlaws: The Next Gen(d)eration’

Kate Bornstein

Transsexual lesbian Kate Bornstein’s 1994 release of the first Gender Outlaw was a revelation. She was shockingly candied about fluid gender dating a woman who began to transition into manhood. This was groundbreaking stuff in the mid 90s.

Now in 2010 we may see pregnant men on Oprah, but trans and genderqueer identities are still a boundary-pushing subject. Nowhere is this more apparent than the continually forward thinking revamped Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, released this month by Seal Press. But this is not merely an update. Edited by the original outlaw along with coeditor S. Bear Bergman GO:TNG is an anthology of 50 varied artists and writers, each with a strong and socially edgy voice.

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Interview with Heather Cassils, andro Lady Gaga prison kisser

Heather Cassils

Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” music video, epic for both its overabundance of pop culture reference as well as its 9 minute running time, has officially reached 1 billion internet viewings but many of those eyes were focused on the very queer intro, featuring genderqueer stripping, kissing and dubious acting in the County Jail, Prison for Bitches.

The most interesting interaction during this extended intro comes from relative unknown bodybuilder and performance artist Heather Cassils, who has no qualms about sitting herself next to Gaga and capturing her in a naughty embrace.

But Cassils is better at more than just making out. The Los Angeles based personal trainer and performance artist is fascinating for her ideas on art, gender, popular culture. Here are some of her answers to the most pressing questions of her wide-eyed watchers including upcoming projects, perspective her own personal gender identity, and presentation, and even a glance into her love life.

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Gender (Free) For All March is TODAY

I know we are a little late on this – but our friends over at the Gender (Free) For All March are probably already setting up at Unthank Park for today’s march and celebration for the freedom of gender expression for all! This is the *new* and sparkly incarnation of the transmarch that marched with the dyke march up until last year. So come on out for some pre […]

Eye Candy:Top 100 hottest “Butches”!

Rebecca Drysdale
Rebecca Drysdale

We rarely do fluff here at, although I won’t claim that we always do *serious* reporting either. We sometimes post things just for the eye candy factor of them – but oh so rarely for the girlqueers. We know that’s a complex issue – what’s considered “hot” in dyke circles isn’t always what the mainstream intarweb can provide. So enjoy this sizzling list! And the term “butch” is used to encompass a spectrum of masculinities-there are GQ, old-skool butches and Trans identified people there too. Some of my faves are posted underneath the cut…!

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Tomorrow: T*Party at Peninsula Park

T*Party at Peninsula Park is a friendly potluck for trans identified people, dragsters, genderqueers, gender variants and allies. It will be happening at Peninsula Park from 6pm until it’s dark. Bring food, drinks and games to share (there will be BBQs for cooking). Come and mingle and make some new friends!