‘Forgive me Father,’ it’s a ‘Cafeteria’ ‘Blow Pony’ weekend!

Saturday's 'Blow Pony' features Serendipity Jones


Forgive Me Father at Pivot – I have no trouble reconciling my hedontistic, panganisitc spiritual desires with my homosexual ones, but many of those who hold more subdued beliefs do. This night is for them. There’s quite a movement incorporating faith with gay liberation and this is just the function to explore that.

The CafeteriaVendetta is a small venue but this school themed night has it bursting at the seems. And don’t think you’ll be safe by showing up at 9. The door gods take station at the early work time of, like, 8 or something. Thank god it’s worth it.

Cabaret Karaoke at MothersThey’re celebrating the Best of the Worst, apparently, so I have no idea what to expect. But it’s performative, campy and gay. So check it out.


Junktion‘s I’m Not a Girl…Yet Not a Skinny Little BitchI think the past few years has been all about the dance night mashup. In this case it is Britney Spears vs. Courtney Love. I didn’t really know anyone even still remembered her but I do have to admit that Live Through This was probably my favorite album of Freshman year of High School. And Love always has entertaining antics and Tweets. So let’s celebrate her hilarity with hot girls at a neighborhood party with great DJs. Sweet. Oh and I’ll be here…just FYI.


Blow Pony and Serendipity Jones vs. NoddyOh shoot! It’s that one night of the month where the gheys converge on Rotture and make it completely unnavigable. And it’s got drag ass performers and go go dancers of all shapes and sizes from Austin to SF to Seattle. I would call it the place to see and be seen, but if you come away from the night with any sight or memory that’ll be a feat. It’s that good, and, for better or worse, everybody knows it now.


Oscar Party at CrushThere’s a ton of queer-themed films nominated for this year’s Oscars, and here’s to hoping they might make up for Brokeback Mountain losing best picture to the awful Crash that last fateful year of the queer. Be around other homos to either celebrate or drown your sorrows in drink with Crush Bar’s AA (that’s Academy Award people…) soiree.

Hot Chocolate! – Sooth those weary, wintered limbs with the warm soothing sweetness of Hot Chocolate featuring steamy drag queens Poison Waters, Maria, Tiara Desmond, Kourtni Capri Duv and Alexis Campbell Starr. It’s at Darcelle‘s which means it will be both early and big, so don’t miss it, or the chance to brag at the afterparty.

Dirty Porno Bingo with ChiChi and Chonga “Hentai Edition” – Who knew that porn, Bingo, and anime all went together? Um, no one except ChiChi and Chonga. But if anyone can make it happen they can. And what better city for weird ass mashups than Portlandia?

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