Classifieds now available on qPDX!

Would you like to buy my wares? Trade? Date? Get a ride?

Just in time for the weekend qPDX has introduced some new and exciting functionality…Classifieds and Personals! Sure, Craigslist is great and all but, aside from being plain and boring there’s plenty of disrespectful folks trolling around. Here, you know you’re talking directly to your community (troubling as that term may be) and that the platform is made “by us for us.”

For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve really wondered where to post my particular personal ad. Is it W4W? Well, what if I like transmen too…or even bio men? Posting an ad in the straight dominated W4M just doesn’t get the desired results.

Besides, don’t many of us find our own gender troubling enough. I’ve aimed to simply that by making a Q4Q (Queer 4 Queer) section instead. We’re all different. Is gender really what you’re looking for?

As for sale or trade, I have much more faith that a secondhand lamp I’m purchasing really is vintage. I hate to stereotype (well, not in this case really) but queers just tend to have great taste. I’m convinced of that each year I attend the big Gay-rage sale at Vendetta. And our broke asses are often open to trade. Website for a massage? You got it!

But besides that you can post housing, ride share and job-related info and requests that you know will be read by other local queers. I don’t know if that will make you feel safer, but I’m hoping it will make you feel better, more visible, and more included.

And on a sidenote, I have some tickets to the ballet’s Sunday matinee for sale. They’re listed at $10 a piece but for you lovelies who have read to the end of this post, send me an email directly ( and you can have ’em free of charge. What a great date huh?

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