Athletic Allies

Rugby pro Ben Cohen

A lot of people, myself included, wish that more top-level athletes would come out. Based on rough statistics, it’s clear that there are many athletes competing in the upper echelons of their sports who are queer but remain closeted. The fact is, though, that coming out as an elite athlete is a catch 22–athletes aren’t going to come forward until there is less of a stigma around homosexuality in sports, but there isn’t going to be less of a stigma until there are more openly gay athletes.

This is where straight allies come in. Recently, several high profile straight athletes have publicly declared their allegiance to lgbt rights and to lgbt athletes.

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Tonight: Lube Job at Red Cap with great wrestling guests!

Check out LubeJob @ The Red Cap Garage tonight for an extra special little preview before Pride mayhem begins. Killer DJ lineup, and special wrestling guests!

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kegs, rugby and vagina wigs (a women’s rugby review)

Oy. I am definitely still in recovery mode from my stellar weekend at Maggotfest, theĀ  annual rugby festival in Missoula, Montana. In a 72 hour period, I spent over 18 hours in a car as the gracious DD to a wild and crazy group of ruggers. The drinking started in the car on Friday and didn’t end until we got back into the car Sunday afternoon.

rugby girls know how to get down.

rugby girls know how to get down

Maggotfest, my friends, is serious business. Serious drinking, costumes, nudity, ridiculousness, and rugby. Ok, so the rugby part isn’t that serious, but it is there–there are actual referees and real teams* and at the end of every game, there is only one winner.

This was my red dress party. Unlike red dress, most of the gay folks at Maggotfest were ladies who could ruck, maul and scrum it like a rockstar. I would argue that Maggotfest was clearly where it was at. It was–in a word–epic.

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