Tartdown and other Wednesday night happenings

DJ Automaton at the decks

Wednesdays are often quite a full hump day with the weekly Fame/Gay Pizza/Slice, and monthlies Lube Job and Gloss. But tonight also features a special mix of 2 of Holocene’s (1001 SE Morrison) dykiest nights. Tonight’s Tartdown is a celebration of Double Down and Tart as well as a going away party of sorts.

From the organizers:


Lubing it up for charity

Lube Job at Red Cap Garage

We here at qPDX have already sung the praises of Red Cap’s (1035 SW Stark) Wednesday night Lube Job party, but there are a few things you might not know that will make attending tomorrow’s hot summer night essential.

Wrestling in a kiddie pool full of slippery stuff might be fun, but it has a purpose as well.Hundreds of dollars have already been […]

Tonight: Lube Job at Red Cap with great wrestling guests!

Check out LubeJob @ The Red Cap Garage tonight for an extra special little preview before Pride mayhem begins. Killer DJ lineup, and special wrestling guests!


The inaugural Lube Job in review

Photo courtesy Marty Davis / Just Out

Aside from the fact that Red Cap might not be a terribly safe place to leave an open bar tab it’s a solid venue with just the right amount of indoor and outdoor seating, dancing and standing looking butch and cool watching the dance floor areas. Once you ad lube wrestling, you really can’t go wrong.


Tranny mounts and Lube Jobs at Red Cap tonight

Lube Job at Red Cap Garage

It’s about time we all got our engines revved and ready for the impending months of pride. The season is already off to an auspicious start with the emergence of a plethora of new weekly and monthly club nights, but tonight may bring a particularly steamy theme when Red Cap Garage (1035 SW Stark) hosts the very first “Lube Job.”