Portland Pride 2011 Thursday events

BabyPuppySailorSuit showing off his 4Loko bling.

For a full list of Thursday events:

Preludes to Pride at the Record Room – Wanna start off slow for a big climax? Lounge it out at the Record Room (8 NE Killingsworth) with DJ Shoshana spinning Charo to Chicks on Speed, T-Rex to XX, Little Milton to Biggie Smalls amongst real, actual records that you can peruse, and a beer […]

Happy Valentines Day from UnderGear

Just a little beefcake eye candy surrounded by red hearts and balloons to brighten your V Day workday…

A night of fashion and frivolity, Circus Smyrcus and men’s underwear

A couple of really great events almost snuck by our radar! But we queers can roll with the punches so whether part of the younger crew or the “grown-ups” we’ve got lots for you to do tonight.

SMYRC hosts its annual Queer and Trans Youth prom tonight, Circus Smyrcus, at the (for now) SMYRC headquarters (2100 SE Belmont). The alcohol and tobacco free event for the Q set between the […]

Easter egg eye candy with hot twin models

Happy Easter! Indistinguishable only by their springtime pastel panties and briefs twin twin modeling brothers Ashton and Austyn Long want to share their Easter baskets with all you boys and girls. So good luck in searching for your eggs and please revel in this moment of pure prurient salivating.

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