PLGFF Monday the 3rd previews: Going Down in LA-LA Land, Trigger

Trigger – 7pm

Hot ladies of rock…yes! Trigger follows the life of 2 besties who start a band together and become rock stars in the vein of the Go-Gos, Patti Smith or Souxsie and the Banshees. After the usual rock’n’roll melt down and band split they reunite 10 years later in a benefit for women in rock. Then stories are revealed and the true nature of their relationship emerges.


PLGFF Sunday the 2nd previews: Weekend, Romeos

Romeos – 5pm

Twenty year old Lukas is a transitioning FTM spending his summer in Cologne. He falls for the masculine Fabio whom it both wants and wants to be. A coming of age story for a second puberty.


PLGFF Saturday the 1st previews: Kink Crusaders, Hollywood to Dollywood, Girls shorts

Hollywood to Dollywood

Girls shorts – 5pm

An interesting collection of love by bicycle, first times, cool kid music, depressing diseases and a coming of age motion storybook. But I’m particularly excited by the look at lesbian (anti?)fashion icon, the wallet chain, a clothing article for which I fought wholeheartedly in 8th grade and won the right to wear in middle school. Also local Director of two of the […]

The 15th annual Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival opens Friday the 1st with ‘We Were Here’

Photo from Director David Weissmen of Haight Ashbury 1978. "The two sweet guys on the left both died of AIDS in the 80s, I (Weissman) am on the right in the headband. The bearded beauty in the middle is thankfully a long-term survivor of it all, and one of the worlds great kissers."

One might feel compelled to express excitement for the lineup of Portland‘s Annual Lesbian and Gay […]

PLGFF closing weekend previews: ‘Role/Play’ and the ‘The Secret Diaries of Anne Lister’

'The Secret Diaries of Anne Lister'

If you missed the big Howl premiere last week, fear not. Howl begins a week run at Cinema 21 this Friday.That same day at 7 pm, executive producer, Gus Van Sant, will intro the film, show a short he made of Ginsberg and chat live with James Franco via Skype. As for the rest of the fest, it continues at the Hollywood Theater […]

PLGFF Thursday previews: ‘The Four Faced Liar’ and ‘Violet Tendencies’

Mindy Cohn in 'Violet Tendencies'

6:30pm @ Living Room Theaters – Brotherhood

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7pm @ Cinema 21 – The Four Faced Liar

In what seems like a queer version of the hipster hailed Medicine for Melancholy, The Four Faced Liar follows “womanizing” Bridget and her BFF and flatmate Greg. One night hanging out at their local, the Four Faced Liar, they meet prim and proper NYC newbies […]

PLGFF Wednesday previews: ‘Elena Undone’ and ‘Undertow’


'Contracorriente ' or 'Undertow'

6:30pm @ Living Room Theaters – I Killed My Mother

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7pm @ Cinema 21 – Elena Undone

The tale of two unlikely women, one of whom is married and reticent is not a new one. With stories such as Aimee and Jaguar which chronicles a story such as this set against the backdrop of a war torn Nazi Germany it seems like […]

Win tickets to tonight’s screening of ‘A Marine Story’!

No plans for your Tuesday night yet? Well if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival here’s to chance to go for free! Tonight’s screening of A Marine Story will feature lead actress and aerialist Dreya Weber in attendance to answer questions and schmooze following the screening.

All you have to do to win a pair of tickets to tonight’s screening? Be […]

PLGFF Tuesday night previews: ‘A Marine Story’ and ‘Making the Boys’

'A Marine Story' with Dreya Weber

6:30pm @ Living Room Theaters – Brotherhood

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7pm @ Cinema 21 – A Marine Story

With “don’t ask don’t tell” currently all over the media it’s a perfect time for a movie about female soldiers trying to serve to the best of their abilities. And the abilities of lead Dreya Weber are vast, as we should know from her 2006 […]

PLGFF Monday previews: ‘We Have to Stop Now’ and ‘The Sisters’

'Die Schwestern' or 'The Sisters'

'Die Schwestern' or 'The Sisters'

6:30pm @ Living Room Theaters – I Killed My Mother

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7pm @Cinema 21 – We Have to Stop Now

Almost all of us have needed to see a therapist at some point in our lives and their help can be essential. Nonetheless, in the spirit of the phrase “Physician heal thyself” therapists also have a reputation for being some folks in […]