Previews of the first weekend of PLGFF

'I Killed My Mother'

Saturday Oct 2nd

3:30pm @ Cinema 21 – Shorts series

4 short films kick off the post-party day after, so it’s a good mix to start festing.

My Name is Love follows two men who share the same secret and the dangerous liaison it produces. Titillating.

Gayby follows the straight girl fantasy of having a baby with her gay best friend of college by actually getting to bed him. Good luck with that one.

Go-Go Reject delves into the fantasies of a frozen yogurt slinger who aims to be the naked boy version of Jennifer Beals.

Queer Pet Adventures has got to be the gayest movie ever…

5pm @ Cinema 21 – Assume Nothing

In a most Portlandesque love of gender query Assume Nothing examines what it means to inhabit a gender that is neither or both “male” and “female.” Focusing on the art, photography and performances of five “alternative” gender artists of Maori, Samoan-Japanese, and European descent, AN blurs all kinds of lines while it entertains.

6:30pm @ the Living Room Theaters (also plays Monday the 4th and Wednesday the 6th) – I Killed My Mother

It’s French and has both the words “kill” and “mother” in the title so I’m guessing it’ll be almost as fucked up as Fat Girl or any other macabre film the Francophiles embrace. The 17-year-old Minel despises his mama because of her out-of-date sweater, her kitschy décor. But the most messed up part? It’s a semi-autobiographical story from 20-year-old writer, director Xavier Dolan.

7pm@ Cinema 21 – Bloomington

Why 22 year-old ex-television child actress from the popular sci-fi show, “Neptune 26,” leaves Cali to attend college in the midwest I have no idea. But I suppose I’d have an affair with my hot professor too in that situation.

“Bloomington” trailer from Fernanda Cardoso on Vimeo.

9pm @Cinema 21 – Bear Nation

Director Malcolm Ingram will be in attendance to discuss this documentary of hairy man love. It’s not so strange in Portland but the film tells tales of guys who had to come out first as gay and then as lovers of big guys. Plus famous bears such as Hüsker Dü frontman Bob Mould and honorary bear Kevin Smith (the film’s executive producer) are interviewed.

Sunday Oct 3rd

4pm @Cinema 21 – Gen Silent

You know how tough it is to get Grandpa to go to the doctor? Well imagine how scary it would be if you felt you would not receive care because of your sexuality. Many seniors go back into the closet or don’t access healthcare when they need it. It’s an issue that does not get enough attention

6pm @ Cinema 21 – Training Rules

News traveled fast in 2006 when a Jennifer Harris, gay college student athlete, filed a lawsuit against female basketball team coach Rene Portland and her school Penn State. This high profile case ignited the world of womens collegiate sports. Attention for the wrong reasons but at least some attention…

Training Rules (trailer for the documentary) from Woman Vision on Vimeo.

6:30 @ Living Room Theaters (also plays Tuesday the 5th and Thursday the 7th) – Brotherhood

When Lars (Thure Lindhardt) is denied a promotion and rather forced out of the army he takes up with a band of neo-Nazis and quickly rises through the ranks. He and another high ranking official fall in love and they begin a secret relationship.

7:30 @ Cinema 21 – Hideaway

When a pregnant woman’s boyfriend dies of a drug overdose the mother-in-law asks her to abort. Instead she flees to find her dead lover’s gay brother with whom she develops a she develops a relationship that is erotic, angry and familial.

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