PLGFF Wednesday previews: ‘Elena Undone’ and ‘Undertow’

'Contracorriente ' or 'Undertow'

6:30pm @ Living Room Theaters – I Killed My Mother

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7pm @ Cinema 21 – Elena Undone

The tale of two unlikely women, one of whom is married and reticent is not a new one. With stories such as Aimee and Jaguar which chronicles a story such as this set against the backdrop of a war torn Nazi Germany it seems like Elena Undone has some pretty big shoes to fill. And yet, a story about a housewife seduced by a lesbian writer could be quite interesting, especially in a world where even Oprah recognizes how often straight women leave their boring heterosexual lives for a woman later in life.

Oh yeah, and there’s an extended kiss scene so that might be worth watching.

9pm @ Cinema 21 – Undertow

On the surface similar the 9 o’clock movie follows a married man who falls in love with the town’s gay artist in a small Peruvian fishing village. This story, however, is less common and more likely be be drama filled. It’s in a romance language so how could it not be?

A catastrophic accident does not erase the presence of his lover, as the fisherman must now contend with the apparitions of his forbidden love and the gossip and disapproving stares of his neighbors. And it may go without saying – his wife isn’t too pleased either.

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