Music video Monday gives you Lady Gaga and a Weird Al spoof…discuss

Lady Gaga points a lipstick gun at religious hotty Norman Reedus in her newly released music video for "Judas"

Does your Monday call for a little Lady Gaga pick me up? Well everyone’s buzzing about her new “Judas” video release. It features hot screen Irish-Catholic Norman Reedus, getting a lipstick gun to the face. The Boondock Saints actor is a perfect choice as he does the gritty religious sexy so well.

To add to both the discussion and laugh factor I’ve also given you a little Weird Al spoof of “Born This Way” called “Perform this Way.” Initially Gaga refused to let Al release the song, but apparently in the last few days is has finally been given the green light (not sure what the drama was there) with proceeds going to the HRC (meh…).

I’ve also included the acapella rendition of “Born This Way” which debuted this weekend as part of HBO’s concert event “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.”She may be a lot of hype but you really can’t say the dame can’t sing. Damn, belt it girl!

And finally, for good measure, the original “Born This Way” video, just in case you haven’t gone Gaga enough…

Update: Oh, and Gaga also just released a new single today, “Edge of Glory,” inspired by the death of Gaga’s grandfather in 2010. Upcoming album Born This Way drops May 23rd.

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