A weekend of galas, launches, anniversaries, a return to SugarTown

The legendary Bob Mould performs at Q Center's annual Winter Gala Saturday


PQ Monthly launch party – A new publication is in town and tonight is the night both the print and web versions launch. We are excited to share resources and have even more reason to make sure local queer coverage is comprehensive and thought-provoking. Oh yeah, and an excuse to party.


SugarTown queer soul – The best queer homage to 60s and 70s soul in town is finally back after a brief hiatus. The new venue of the Spare Room has a great space, cheap drinks and will be a refreshing change to the usual old haunts. And this special return also features this week’s DJ profile for Freaky Outty. Plus where else can you get sweet treats by Emily Franco in addition to a drink? It’s a killer comeback you won’t want to miss.

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Attention musicians & music lovers, a new Pants-Off Productions project

Max Voltage playing the violin

Local music and performance maven Max Voltage, one of the minds behind the brilliant and uber gay performance series Homomentum and Homo’s Got Talent is now looking to create a queer music series. In an open letter to the community on Facebook yesterday, s/he called for contributors and volunteers. I’ve reposted the request below:

Dear Community,

I have produced queer events in Portland, OR for 10 years now.  Mostly I have focused on drag/dance/cabaret shows, because I’ve always had an affinity for creating space for radical queer art-forms that don’t have a stage.  I am also a life-long musician (have played violin classically since I was 5), and recently, I have had the opportunity to play, tour and collaborate with some fucking fabulous queer musicians.  I’ve also begun helping book/promote/produce queer music shows in Portland, including the recent Rae Spoon/Tender Forever show, which was amazing & a really positive experience.

My next project brings together all these passions of mine… music and creating space for radical queer art: F-holes: a queer music series.

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