Attention musicians & music lovers, a new Pants-Off Productions project

Max Voltage playing the violin

Local music and performance maven Max Voltage, one of the minds behind the brilliant and uber gay performance series Homomentum and Homo’s Got Talent is now looking to create a queer music series. In an open letter to the community on Facebook yesterday, s/he called for contributors and volunteers. I’ve reposted the request below:

Dear Community,

I have produced queer events in Portland, OR for 10 years now.  Mostly I have focused on drag/dance/cabaret shows, because I’ve always had an affinity for creating space for radical queer art-forms that don’t have a stage.  I am also a life-long musician (have played violin classically since I was 5), and recently, I have had the opportunity to play, tour and collaborate with some fucking fabulous queer musicians.  I’ve also begun helping book/promote/produce queer music shows in Portland, including the recent Rae Spoon/Tender Forever show, which was amazing & a really positive experience.

My next project brings together all these passions of mine… music and creating space for radical queer art: F-holes: a queer music series.

Here’s the concept:

You are a touring queer musician/band.  You haven’t played in Portland, OR, or maybe its been a while since you hit this market.  Perhaps have a following here but want to expand it!  You’re not quite sure where to play, or how to reach the queer community.  If you’re someone who doesn’t yet have professional representation, you’re doing all this legwork yourself.  Often you’re relying on local, well-intentioned but busy friends.  The logistical & financial details of gigs are vague at best.  F-holes would be a way for traveling queer bands to get a foothold in Portland.  As part of this series, you will be hooked up with local acts, a venue, and an audience.  I’ll even find you hosted housing.  You will get a percentage of the door and will have a chance to hit a thriving, kick-ass queer community with your awesome music.  Plus sell your merch and get to network with tons of local artist, like the ones you’re sharing a bill with!

You’re a local musician.  Whether you’re just starting out or have a super-solid following in this town, this is a rad & low maintenance gig.  The venue and all the logistics are taken care of.  You just need to promote the event to your fans, and show up and play and get a fair cut of the door.  And all your fans get to see a fabulous show.  Plus lots of folks who haven’t seen you before will get to see you play!  Bonus, you’ll get to network with other awesome local queer bands, and meet some out of town talent (perhaps helping you network your own upcoming tour, through their city perhaps?)

You’re a Portland music-lover.  F-holes would allow you get to see even more awesome queer bands than before!  Not only do you get to see your favorite Portland-based bands, you get to discover new local & traveling talent.  Plus, the event is sliding scale so you can afford to take risks and come see artists you haven’t heard of before.  But because it’s in the F-holes series, you know the audience will be filled with super-hot queers, and the show will be quality!  Win fucking win.

Okay, that’s the basic idea behind the F-holes queer music series.  But to make this happen, I need your help!

Portlanders, what local bands do you love and wish you could see more of? What touring queer bands do you really wish would come play in Portland?  Do you have connections with any super rad bands (from here or elsewhere)?

Queer Musicians (local & touring); Hit me up!  What kind of music do you play, when would you be interested in performing in Portland?  Send me links of your work (music, videos, facebook page, etc.), and info about what venues you’ve played, what your typical draw is (in other cities, in your home town, in Portland).

Everyone: Please Re-post this note widely! Especially to your music enthusiast & musician friends.  Feel free to comment here about fave bands etc.  And for more in-depth convos (about booking, etc) hit me up at

I love queers, and I love music.  I want queer musicians to find their queer audiences.  And vice versa.  I’m really excited to use my skills, networking & experience and put on some kickass Portland queer music shows.


Max Voltage

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