Not Enough Prom nights, Blow Ponies, JunKtions, fashion shows or art this Memorial weekend? Hardly

Double Duchess perform Saturday at Blow Pony


Not Enough! benefit dance party – Last Thursday becoming a bit too tame and straight and bridge and tunnel for you? It’s our chance to queer it back up while raising some funds for Not Enough! and having a gay ol’ time.

AIDS Walk kickoff party and Swimwear fashion show

Prom Night at the Cafeteria – Creator DJ Lunch Lady promises to a spiked punch bowl and a pregnancy scare at this wonderful reimagining of the high school night you never had (even if you did go, was it really all you dreamed?). Double bonus for not fearing expulsion and for me to use one of my favorite phrases, “I’m off like a prom dress.”


Art opening of mixed media by Tita Compere – A fan of the magical, whimsical and debaucherous the mixed media work of Tita Compere is no less surprising and wonderful than the lady herself. If you were jaded by Last Thursday or have ever been by First Thursday this art opening will melt away your cynicism.

JunKtion!!! – Special guest DJ Roy G Biv (aka Katey Pants) promises her favorite mantra…free pizza. But as Pants has such an effective straight face I can seldom tell the difference between her jests and her ironic critiques. So best go for the great people, great drinks and great music instead. And eat your heart out.


Purple and Green

Queer Prom
– The crowning glory of PSU’s week of zombie-themed queer pride will have a grand mixture of suits and scars, corsages and corpses. And those undead dancers can also enjoy a photobooth and the musical stylings of Purple & Green, who were recently featured in Willamette Week’s Best New Band poll.

Punkstart My Heart 1 year anniversary – Punk rock reunion amazingness! A killer lineup of punk rawk. New 7″ split release from Fucking Lesbian Bitches and NO/HO/MO and a re-release of the legendary Fagatron. Don’t know what a 7″ is? You just ain’t punk enough for this show…(it’s a record youguns, those spinny things made of vinyl…)

Blow Pony vs. Double Duchess – If you don’t know about it yet there’s little hope for you. Special SF guest Double Duchess bring their brand of dueling genderfucked sound and fury to the swarming stage.

Shuffle with DJ Sappho – Best damn technolez in town. The beats may not be pop familiar but they’re ultimately danceable and spun lustily by a vet of the house scene.

Happy gay Memorial Day


Lezberados comedy show – Celesbian Latina comedians Sandra Valls and Mimi Gonzalez bring their unpredictable and always hilarious wit to Portland for one night only. Local comedian Whitney Streed will open the show and emcee.


Memorial Day – Though the weather forecast looks grim, any day off from work is a holiday the gays love to celebrate. And though the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has ridden a bumpy road it still gives us a moment to pause of our BBQs, or hot dogs roasting over a fireplace if its pouring, and think about our American armed forces.

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