Statement from Mayor Adams regarding Sunday’s hate crime

Stop hate crimeYesterday Mayor Sam Adams released a statement concerning Sunday’s bias crime against 2 men holding hands:

“On Sunday evening, May 22, two men were attacked by several suspects as they walked, holding hands, from the Hawthorne Bridge on the trail to the East Bank Esplanade, on the east end of the bridge. The victims were pushed, and hit in the head, face, back and ribs. The suspects ran away after one of the victims broke away and called 911. Portland Police detectives have interviewed both victims, and a Portland Police Bias Crime Detective has been assigned to this case. Full details on the case can be found at

“We seek to be the city of the most equal opportunity, and we can only be that city if all people are safe and have a sense of safety on our streets and in our parks,” Mayor Sam Adams said. “Any two people in Portland should be able to take a walk, hand in hand, without fearing for their safety.”

“Portland is an open and welcoming city where everyone should feel safe,” Police Chief Mike Reese said. “I’m concerned by any assault of this nature, particularly when it appears that the victims were targeted because of their perceived sexual orientation. We will do everything possible to arrest the individuals responsible for this troubling crime.”

According to the victims, there were several witnesses to Sunday night’s attack. “I want to personally urge those witnesses to call our Bias Crime Detective, and share any information they may have,” said Mayor Adams.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Kevin Warren at 503-823-3761 or

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  • bmvaughn

    I was disappointed to have the word “faggot” yelled at me and my friends multiple times in Portland this weekend when we were down visiting from Seattle. I’m hetero, and frankly expected more from Portland.