Pride Saturday…keep it comin’ queers

It's Kaj-Anne Peppar vs Blow Pony…who's gonna win?

I know yer tired…so am I…but we persevere…cuz it’s Saturday night y’all

The Dyke(ish?) March – Despite all the confusion and disorganization the Dyke March will trudge on in 2010. But be careful because it’s an hour earlier this year! Gathering at 5pm with a 6pm step off this parade of “dykes” is really more about celebrating Portland’s appreciation for and […]

The gay stuff at Pedalpalooza

Among the craziness of Pride begins yet another festival that queers might have interest in…Pedalpalooza. Luckily it goes on for a couple weeks because our brains and bodies can’t really take cycling beyond the transport that we’re already putting in going from party to party. Indeed, my brilliant titling just goes to show how much energy I have left barely embarking on day 3. But the first of the gay […]