The gay stuff at Pedalpalooza

gay-bikeAmong the craziness of Pride begins yet another festival that queers might have interest in…Pedalpalooza. Luckily it goes on for a couple weeks because our brains and bodies can’t really take cycling beyond the transport that we’re already putting in going from party to party. Indeed, my brilliant titling just goes to show how much energy I have left barely embarking on day 3. But the first of the gay bike schtuff starts tomorrow so I’m doing what I can to get the info up…

Gay Bike Parade

I’m not really sure how this is gonna work but Sunday morning supposedly has a gay bike parade at teh ungodly early hour of 10:30. It’s in the north park blocks, which is also where the regular pride parade lines up. Was this on purpose like a mini-parade for our own within the parade? I’m totally confused. But I thought you should know.

Homo Bike to Skate

Put the fun between your legs and then add more wheels at Gay Skate Night at Oaks Park. 70s athletic attire encouraged.

Dyke your Bike

Next Tuesday at 5:30pm join Sam McKenzie to trick out your bike in a lesbo way. Seeing as bikes are pretty gay to begin with, I’m not sure what this entails either. But even if it’s just a social hour it’d be worth it to meet hot lady cyclists.

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