Friday – A night in recap


As these things go, I’m going to try and deal with my hangover headache in new and inventive ways – recapping it!

Last night saw a plethora of queer nights going on, as I’m sure you already knew. I’m sad I didn’t make it to Dirty Queer – I heard it was a great (and hot) evening of X Rated Open Mic debauchery.I also missed the Trans* Family Picnic. Oh well. You can’t be everywhere! But I seriously needed to take a breather and snuggle with my teddy bear (and blog and work and finish the banner and …) so I decided to skip DQ and attend my friend’s graduation-from-PCC-aftershindig at The Maiden, which serves some killer food, strong drinks and slightly annoying flamenco music. And there were plenty of queers there! Congratulations Marissa and Amber, job well done!

After our little graduation parti, I headed to Holocene where of course Gaycation was happening. I had stopped by early to get a stamp, which seemed like a wise decision as the lines were definitely forming! Not as long as have seen them once or twice, but getting there. Holocene was packed to the gills, and the barstaff were working overtime! It was almost too packed to dance, but performer Pashly took to the stage right when I was starting to get my groove on. I loved Pashly’s Burqa-made-of-bras, but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy her performance as much as I’d hoped it would – not sure if it was the clash with the dance-party-atmosphere or what, but the crowd seemed divided over the performance – i heard rumblings of discontent, but also lots of people dancing.

After Pashly I saw my time to hit the speakers, and by this point the crowd had thinned a bit so you could actually dance! House and top 40 dance mixed with some old classics, it’s the Gaycay soundtrack and the public loved it. 1am came and went, and I decided to join forces with co-blogger Alley at The Pink Party in NE, which saw me run into some old friends, do more dancing, and drink a, cough, miller lite! I did get to chat with Jerry, one of the organizers of Homo-A-Go-Go in San Francisco (which we are busting our asses to try and attend), also also an old acquaintance from Basic Rights Oregon. Plenty of the NQM and Sissyboy crowd were there, and Lee Kyle showed up at the end of the night, as well! Around 3ish i stumbled home to drink plenty of water and a warm cushy bed…

Now it’s time for biscuits with pals, nap, then Dykemarch and drinking-too-much for the 4th day in a row! I’m having a blast. I just hope my hangover subsides a bit first…

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