Pride Saturday...keep it comin' queers

It's Kaj-Anne Peppar vs Blow Pony...who's gonna win?

I know yer tired…so am I…but we persevere…cuz it’s Saturday night y’all

The Dyke(ish?) MarchDespite all the confusion and disorganization the Dyke March will trudge on in 2010. But be careful because it’s an hour earlier this year! Gathering at 5pm with a 6pm step off this parade of “dykes” is really more about celebrating Portland’s appreciation for and power of otherly gendered peoples, women, dykes, transpeople and other non-conformers. So what if it’s run into your ex-girlfriend march. You live in Portland. Get over it.

SMYRC’s Gayest Day of the Year Bike Ride – We get so wrapped up in our alcohol-fueled debauchery that we sometimes forget that wholesome activities that include youngsters can be just as amazing and Prideful. Not that I’m always so innocent when astride my trust lavender Bridgestone roadie Lola, but at least I can pretend.

Pride Pet paradeI’ve never been a good lesbian, as I have never owned by own dog or cat, (I mean, I’ve walked a dog so that cute girls will talk to me) but a queer lubba puppy and a cuddly kitteh so you know the folks will be out. Even if my favorite happen to be the Prideful goats, one of whom won the Just Out Pet’s category that I helped judge (oops! Is the cat out of the bag?)

1st annual Pride Cruise – While the idea of being trapped on a boat sounds a little claustrophobic it also sounds scary in an exciting way. I’m stuck with you, sweaty body to sweaty body…what’s gonna happen? Great beats, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and hors d’oeuvres brought right to you as you dance. Heavenly.

Hot FlashOn the opposite end of the generation spectrum is the over 36 focused Hot Flash, which is uber swanky and open to everyone for Pride festivities. Not that they discourage younguns (over 21 younguns that is) normally. So if cougars buying you bubbly is your thing, you’ll still have plenty of time to go out later.

2nd annual Blow Pony Bash BackThe BP crew might seem angry, and indeed we all have a right to be, but this party is way more about crazy outfits, a diverse array of queer-as-fuck hotties of every gender grinding it out on the dark floor and the dance asphalt under the stars, and smearing our knock down drag out make up by making out sleazily in a dark corner. Yes, I just described the best party ever.

Pride 2010 with Out Like ThatMel Shapiro’s big ass lady party only happens once in awhile and you get a Rose City Sirens reunion even less, so if you like a buxom broad you better not miss this one. Spoken word by Siren Sterling Clark reveals the ladies are also blessed with eloquent tongues.

Rose City Sirens

Tag-a-Fag Porn Star edition – Let’s take the get-to-know you and touch your body gimmick of black lights and florescent pens one step further and let you draw all over hot porn dudes. Super hot. I love that men strippers are more likely to let you touch them. I’m totally not kidding. Hott!

Come Undone – Can’t Stop Won’t StopParties at the Dunes always feel so secret and dirty and intimate. I thought it was an illegal speakeasy the first 3 years I went there. But it’s really just a dark tiny bar where you can get your dance on in close proximity to your hot neighbor. Oh, and it benefits Equality Now!

Q Poetry NightQueers are some of the artsiest and most intense people I know. Oh and we got a lot to say…

Portland Gay Men’s Chorus Music from the Heartland – It’s about damn time the Bible Belt started getting a little queer. We west-coasties are trying to do our part.

Scandals’ Taking Pride in Stark StreetThis lovely little dive bar is always reminding us where we come from. Take me back to my roots baby and take it to the streets. We’re gay as hell.

7th annual Pride Beach PartyStill gay. Still shirtless. Still at Slaughters.

E Room’s Pride 2010Basic lezzie but they’re open til 4 and they feed you. Hell yeah.

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