Portland Dyke March/Trans March..confusion vs. clarity

Last year's Dyke March

Confused by the various information circulating about the Portland Dyke March. Did you hit up their official Dyke March site only to notice that the information is from 2008?

So here’s the deal, yo.The Portland Dyke March will be happening again this year, after a change and leadership and the sort-of split from the Trans March that (mostly) became the Gender (Free) For All March last year. Last year, many of the organizers of the Trans March decided that a march was needed that celebrated gender freedom as opposed to strictly trans rights, and even though there are many trans dykes, the march felt “tacked on” to the Dyke March.

Nevertheless, I saw several trans-identified people marching last year with the old Trans March Banner at the Dyke March, and the dyke march is an inclusive event.

So, if you’re a dyke or dykish, come on down to the Dyke March! It’s a friendly, welcoming event. People generally start hanging out around 5pm on Saturday, June 19th, at the North Park Blocks., and the march steps off around six-ish. This year it will follow the new official parade route.

What to expect:
Lots of dykes, transfolk, and otherwise dykish people, marching, singing, laughing. Hopefully no hecklers this year.

What to bring: Sunscreen, water, cool outfits.
Stuff to make noise with! Drums, whistles, chants. Dyke March needs to be LOUDER!

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