Corvino asks, “Is there only one way to have gay sex?” Take the qPDX poll

When I was a rowdy tweenage baby dyke we used to run through the streets of downtown Portland asking strangers if they could define lesbian sex, a question that often mystified these adults. And though most of us have it often enough (hopefully anyway) there still isn’t a strictly agreed upon definition.

But while this sexual fluidity and lack of sexual definitions is familiar to the ladies (even straight ones, […]

A sex poll for the ladies in advance of ‘sex talk with 2 homos’

Only the classiest…

Earlier this week I came across a very brief and slightly bizarre little article on The Advocate’s website discussing female proclivities towards anal sex. It starts out with the ubiquitous stats on how women are more sexually fluid than men, yada yada yada. Nothing new there. But it goes on to say that:

Among lesbian and bisexual women, the study shows that 48% reported having anal […]