A sex poll for the ladies in advance of ‘sex talk with 2 homos’

Only the classiest...

Earlier this week I came across a very brief and slightly bizarre little article on The Advocate’s website discussing female proclivities towards anal sex. It starts out with the ubiquitous stats on how women are more sexually fluid than men, yada yada yada. Nothing new there. But it goes on to say that:

Among lesbian and bisexual women, the study shows that 48% reported having anal sex with a man, compared to 33% of heterosexual women. Additionally, bisexual women report having more vaginal sex with men than women who say they are completely straight.

Of course, this calls into question what “lesbian” even means. While this doesn’t really bother me, it could be self-identification, a Kinsey 5, or just in the past, it does bring up several thoughts and questions. My first and main inner remark was basically, “So really, we’re just plain old sluttier huh?”

Now, I know it can be tough to get you all to participate in polls here, but really, this one’s about sex. And if the Mercury can do it, so can we right?

After you answer (completely anonymously of course) you not only get to see what everyone else is saying but you can expound below in the comments. And if you love hearing the sound of your own voice even more (oh and I know you’re out there) you can discuss even further this afternoon on House of Sound‘s Sex Talk with 2 Homos hosted by DJ Michelle Machete and pal DJ Fagatron.

Feel free to interpret use of “men” and “women” in whatever way you see fit. Check boxes can be fun but comments are even spicier.

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4 comments to A sex poll for the ladies in advance of ‘sex talk with 2 homos’

  • Butt Shamanism

    Why is this subject so taboo? It’s no secret that people like to do it in the butt!

  • Wow, this poll is already WAY more popular than the ‘Portlandia’ poll. Yay for sex!

  • BottomHeavy

    Hmmm…a lack of tops…why am I not surprised?

  • SeriouslyNotAgain

    I get so tired of the straight male polls that assure us only women are sexually fluid, thereby opening up the can I get some “lesbian” p*ssy playing field for them. I’m also tired of women who f*ck men (as in present tense) calling themselves lesbians. And there’s no way lesbians and bi women are more slutty than straight women. Straight women are just better liars.