A year of getting Bent, and ‘lions and tigers and bears oh my!’ with Mrs and Bearracuda this weekend

Purrrfect Brandie hosts Mrs Pussy Poppin' Friday night


Don’t forget the jam packed 30th Annual Gender Symposium at Lewis and Clark going all week long and continuing into Thursday and Friday. An extra special highlight will be Homomentum‘s foray into the all ages space. Minors get ready for a raucous good time!

Trans Life open house – Every Thursday is a chance for trans folks to get together and find out about the programs, support groups and social outings that the Q Center has to offer. This night, allies, friends and partners can also get in on the cross gender fun. Great day for tranny chasers.


Bent‘s One Year Anniversary 2010’s club night of the year celebrates its very first birthday. Big boss night Gaycation organizer Mr Charming will be a special guest DJ and drag upstart stoners ChiChi and Chonga will be bringin’ the comedic, musical drag and the audience to their knees. And don’t forget everyone’s new favorite narcissistic outlet, the photobooth, brought to you by JunKtion‘s Deya Card (aka DJ Brodeya). Not only does turning 1 constitute a great excuse for a big bash but it’s one of the only things going on this Friday, so it’s gonna be kind of a big deal. You probably don’t want to miss this.

Mrs Pussy Poppin’ – The Mississippi Studios themed monthly always produces some amazing costumes. This month expect some hot ass catitude and maybe even some feline frenzy as Mrs gets the pussy poppin’. Diverse DJs might even be persuaded to mix in some Broadway musical action if you’re a true kitty fan. Don’t worry, you won’t be all alone in the moonlight.

Sidenote: In an unfortunate twist of fate Mrs is actually on Friday this month, unlike the usual Saturday, which is how I previously had it listed. It goes directly against Bent, which is a big bummer because the crowds most definitely overlap. I’m one of those interlopers. I guess here’s to party hoppin’…


Bearracuda PDX – This popular party only visits our fair town once in awhile so catch it while the singlets are hot. Busy DJ Boyshapedbox is back in town after a long hiatus and there are drink specials for shirtless cubs and go-go bears.


Dirty Porno Bingo featuring the Tampon Troupe Res-Erection – Those busy ladies CC&C host every Sunday but this weekend sees a special guest performance by the formerly defunct Tampon Troupe. They promise that these newly undead ladies will get drunk and vomit on stage, fall off the stage and land on their faces while holding their dearest child/spawn of Satan FLARLA ROREGON. What else do you want?

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