Best new club nights of 2010

ChiChi and Chonga at Cafeteria's Jocks and Nerds Edition

If there’s one thing we do well here at qPDX it’s partying. And 2010 has just blown us all away, and damaged our livers beyond repair, with its bursting-at-the-seams burgeoning club scene. Dancing isn’t just for downtown anymore. Nopo has emerged as a queer nightlife hotspot alongside the already club-friendly inner Eastside. There’s something for nearly everybody, and I did my best to make an appearance, at least once, and each of them.

5 – Do the Dark/JunKtion tie

Both laid back underground neighborhood parties both Do the Dark and JunKtion had welcome breathing room in contrast to the packed parties elsewhere. But the music was excellent and the venues, Tonic and Local Lounge, were friendly and comfortable with good dance floors and chat areas alike. Oh yeah, and they always had good cheap drink specials.

4 – Dirtbag

Not quite the weekend yet but close enough to get away with it Dirtbag had a rough beginning getting the soundtrack just right and having to switch venues early on. But the change turned out to be a good one, making a welcome and much needed queer presence on Alberta Street. Organizer DJ Gutter Glamour isn’t afraid to take musical risks, and that results in a nuanced dance party that gives you time to think and rest. And a free price tag makes it the perfect way to start the weekend.

3 – Cafeteria

DJ Lunch Lady‘s high school themed Jocks and Nerds party not only puts a positive spin on what was a fairly traumatic time for most of us, it also brought all the breakfast club kids together. Men, women and everything in between piled into little neighborhood bar Vendetta to dance together in a harmony that just didn’t really ever happen during the prom.

2 – Mrs.

Kaj-Anne Pepper was the first face of Mrs.

The Saturday night theme-fest Mrs., at Mississippi Studios, came just when the fervor of new nights had begun to die down and we were ready for a change. Mississippi Street has blown up into hipster heaven in the past few years but it wasn’t until now we got our very own gay club night. Especially successful is the dress up fun that each themed night inspires. Whether it’s your first time, sloppy seconds or wearing next to nothing people really get into the spirit.

1 – Bent

Nopo may be a gay club kid’s heaven now, but back last spring folks still considered clubbing up north to be a foreign suburban trek. Bent was the first night to change all that. West Lombard never saw just parking problems until Bent took over the Blue Parrot, now Foggy Notion, neighborhood trying-t0-be-gay bar. All of a sudden the tiny little dance floor was packed with queers from all over…even the west side!

DJ Roy-G-Biv sent press releases earlier this year exclaiming, “[Bent] was insulted yet simultaneously praised on Craigslist as being a place where all the ‘skank queers go to hangout.'” That this was not only said but that the organizers want you to know about it shows you just what kind of party it is. Dark, dirty and damn good.

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