2011’s new nuggets of nightlife

Portland of already so choc full of great queer nightlife that there wasn’t room for the same level of new club nights as 2010, but there a few new highlights worth mentioning. […]

Best new club nights of 2010

ChiChi and Chonga at Cafeteria's Jocks and Nerds Edition

If there’s one thing we do well here at qPDX it’s partying. And 2010 has just blown us all away, and damaged our livers beyond repair, with its bursting-at-the-seams burgeoning club scene. Dancing isn’t just for downtown anymore. Nopo has emerged as a queer nightlife hotspot alongside the already club-friendly inner Eastside. There’s something for nearly everybody, and I did my best to make an appearance, at least once, and each of them.

5 – Do the Dark/JunKtion tie

Both laid back underground neighborhood parties both Do the Dark and JunKtion had welcome breathing room in contrast to the packed parties elsewhere. But the music was excellent and the venues, Tonic and Local Lounge, were friendly and comfortable with good dance floors and chat areas alike. Oh yeah, and they always had good cheap drink specials.

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