Thursday: Gender Bender Variety Show @ The E Room

Check out the amazing stack of queer performers lined up for Gender Bender @ The E-Room!

This Thursday the yearly spectacle of the Gender Bender Variety Show will be coming to the E-Room! It looks like a spectacle not to be missed. The E Room is usually pretty insular, by this time they have cast a wide net to get some of the best most innovative queer performers that […]

Dirty Queer Swap and Shop at In Other Words

Dirty Queer Swap and Shop at In Other Words Books, Portland

A little late, I know, but late is better than never! It’s time to take a brief look at an event we had in town this past Sunday, the Dirty Queer Swap and Shop. While we all know and love Dirty Queer – The X Rated Open Mic, the swap and shop is a new concept DQ host […]