Thursday: Gender Bender Variety Show @ The E Room

Gender Bender @ The E-Room, Portland, Oregon

Check out the amazing stack of queer performers lined up for Gender Bender @ The E-Room!

This Thursday the yearly spectacle of the Gender Bender Variety Show will be coming to the E-Room! It looks like a spectacle not to be missed. The E Room is usually pretty insular, by this time they have cast a wide net to get  some of the best most innovative queer performers that run the gamut from traditional drag to post-queer performance art to the E Room! It’s going to be hot, queer, and amazing, and for a good cause!

Check out this list of amazing performers:

* Titillating Burlesque from The Rose City Sirens (!!)
* Hot Drag King action from The River City Riders
* The beautiful The B.B. Dolls
* Astin martin & the e-kings

(so far, we have a bunch of E room regulars, now wait for it!)

* Hip Hop frenzy from All of the Above (from the legendary Kick/Ball/Change dance showcases)
* That’s what she said

And last but not least,

* Max Voltage & Jodi Bon Jodi (from Untrained, I dance company / Kick/Ball/Change)|*

Hosted by emceeiam. Tarot readings by Naomi. Go-Go dancers. Dance party after the Show. 50/50 raffle prizes.

All for a lousy, ridiculous, minuscule, dangerously low-ridin-buttcrack-showing, measly $6 at the door. Did you hear that? $6!!!!
Come on now. Wow! Even if you’re not an E-Room regular don’t miss the opportunity to check out some or PDX finest queer artists. Oh, and do I even need to mention that the Gender Bender proceeds go towards helping cover medical expenses of a transgendered member of our community? Support a great cause and have a shit load of fun.

21+. Doors  @ 8:30pm, show at 9. BE THERE!! Exclamation mark!

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