Don’t Ask Questions this Christmas weekend, it’s Blow Pony and Queerlandia

Merry Christmas all you beautiful queers

Did I mention you have, like, zero days left to get that holiday shopping done? Well, it’s too late for Amazon girl. Better check out the local options in our Holiday Gift Guide.


Queerlandia 2012 – I don’t know too much about how this party’s going to be but they’re only planning a total of 5 before the end of the world so that’s gotta be pretty epic right?

Island of Misfit Toys – Crush bar’s annual celebration of old toys. This used to mean they were forgotten and unloved. Now it means they are coveted and on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Mattachine Social – Good gay music.


Blow Pony vs. Disco 2000 – Everyone’s favorite party with the longest line finds some great new DJ blood (not literally) in Seattle’s Kid Amiga, who is also our DJ of the Week. Blow P0ny is kind of a holiday tradition with the queerest among us, or at least the most eager to escape our local families, can get away to and get together with those out of town college kids that we flirting with while buying our last minute gifts and open fire chestnuts at Lloyd Center the night before. It’s time to start the gift giving and ho ho ho-ing our own way this Xmas eve.

Don’t Ask Questions: A Holiday party – Where do the disenfranchised from the disenfranchised go? I think this is your holiday escape. Remember that season 1 Portlandia skit where Fred Armisen declares ever bar over? Well, if that’s what you think about BloPo then this is the place for you. And shunning Christmas Eve traditions to boot? You’re the coolest queer on the block. But seriously, this should be a good party. Cuz I love what Red Cap is doing these (holi)days.


Guess what? Did you know it’s Christmas?! It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or Atheist or any myriad of other faiths or traditions, Tri-Met is stull running on holiday schedules. But hey, Plaid Pantry should still be open for a couple hours right? And it’s become an American capitalist tradition to go to the movies too. But wait! There’s more! Local Oregon blogger Dave Knows also has a post every year detailing all the stuff you can do in Portland on Christmas Day. And those languishing in in-law hell will wish they could have this many excuses not to attend a 2pm dinner.


It’s Boxing Day. What the hell is that? Whether you’re recovering from family time or bar time no one wants to do anything on this Monday more than most. So go ahead and sleep till 1pm. What do I care?


Portlandia tour – It’s sold out so if you don’t know about it already you’re probably not going but it’s marginally queer and kind of caps of a long holiday weekend. So feel blessed that the city that inspired the IFC new hit show Portlandia is actually the tour kickoff at the Hollywood Theater. You get to see clips of season 2 and even hear anecdotes from the creators/writers/actors Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (but not as many as if you tuned in to local gossip. Snap!). Bet y’all didn’t know how cool the Hollywood was huh?

2 comments to Don’t Ask Questions this Christmas weekend, it’s Blow Pony and Queerlandia

  • Bill

    As an elder, I am happy to find
    That former bi-weekly provided me with an abundance of evidence that OUR community is ALIVE and mostly thriving! For me, the social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) don’t ‘click’ .

    Would it be possible to post a link in the menu-bar, or the bottom . . . so it does not throw a downer on the high spirit of the site . . .. a “Transitions” link listing our bothers and sisters who have made their transitions . .. as a service to we old queers who don’t get out much?

    The Oregonian has obits, but usually does not focus on their life with US. The pix always helped. I frequently did not know their mundane name, but recognized a face.
    Thanks for giving me this opportunity.
    May the New Year evolve exactly as you prefer.

    • That’s a great idea bill. I’ll bring it up at a meeting and see if we can incorporate it into something in the future. We’ve got some big changes/projects in the works so it might be awhile but we appreciate the feedback so much!