Don’t Ask Questions this Christmas weekend, it’s Blow Pony and Queerlandia

Merry Christmas all you beautiful queers

Did I mention you have, like, zero days left to get that holiday shopping done? Well, it’s too late for Amazon girl. Better check out the local options in our Holiday Gift Guide.


Queerlandia 2012 – I don’t know too much about how this party’s going to be but they’re only planning a total of 5 before the end of […]

DJ of the Week — Kid Amiga

DJ Kid Amiga

Every week we introduce you to a local LGBTQ party DJ and ask them about their experiences in the scene and feature an audio mix they’ve made. If you’re interested in being featured contact

Kid Amiga is another out of towner who is excited to play for our music and dance-lovin’ city. He takes the decks this Christmas Eve at the indomitable Blow Pony.

When and how did you get started DJing?

Back in middle school, around 93 or 94, I started listening to dance music on my macintosh that i’d found online. They were called “MODs” which were the precursor to MIDI files. (Okay, a little dorky there, but it needs to be said!). It was a lot of music mostly from Finland where that kind of music-making was popular. I fell in love with dance music then and just segued into playing dance music with CDJs some years later.

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