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DJ Kid Amiga

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Kid Amiga is another out of towner who is excited to play for our music and dance-lovin’ city. He takes the decks this Christmas Eve at the indomitable Blow Pony.

When and how did you get started DJing?

Back in middle school, around 93 or 94, I started listening to dance music on my macintosh that i’d found online. They were called “MODs” which were the precursor to MIDI files. (Okay, a little dorky there, but it needs to be said!). It was a lot of music mostly from Finland where that kind of music-making was popular. I fell in love with dance music then and just segued into playing dance music with CDJs some years later.

How did you get your DJ name?

The computer that MODs were made on primarily was called the Amiga, so that’s where the Amiga part is from. The kid part is mostly because I look kinda youngish.

Who are you influences/inspirations?

I really absolutely adore Norman Cook in terms of just attitude and playful nature. Seeing him dj live is just amazing, it’s like he’s looking and playing just for you. In terms of what my deejaying should be, it’s the Avalanches, they have this amazing pastiche of a sound that inspires the “sampledelic” mixing I always want to achieve. Other than that my biggest influence now are the turntablists Kireek (Yasa & Hi-C) for nerdy technical mixing and scratching. Youtube them, they’re incredible!

Why do you DJ?

I am the biggest nerd for music. I love to endlessly talk about it. Deejaying is like having a huge conversation about music with a group of people. I just think it’s greatest thing to find what we all love as a whole and then expose the same folks to things that I think that they’ll enjoy.

What parties/clubs do you currently DJ?

In Seattle, i’m apart of a crew called “mudpieluv” who’s involved in doing all-ages EDM-type (ravey) parties that are DIY in style and heartfelt creative efforts. We do a regular party at Full-tilt Arcade in Columbia City called “Nice Kids Club”. In Portland, I’ve mostly been playing with the nice folks at Blowpony, they’ve got a great crowd and it just feels like this phenomenally inclusive family. I’m hoping to play more around as well because the crowds are all so musically knowledgeable that I can really take some huge risks that I don’t get to take normally.

What genres of music do you like to play?

All of it. I’ve got a big dance background, but aside from that I also enjoy ska, motown, soul, hip-hop and even some ambient music.

What are some of your current favorite tracks?

Senor Stereo – “Hot Damn”, Everything Everything – “Photoshop
Handsome”, Zed Bias – “Fairplay”,
Bomb the Music Industry! – “Vocal Coach”, Dj Shadow feat. Little
Dragon – “Scale it Back”

What do you wish would stop being played out right now?

You know, there’s just a lot of great music right now, I can’t complain too much about anything. I would say that I wish that everybody would take a listen to the hateful language that is prevalent in some music and make honest choices about whether they would say the same thing.

What was your WORST DJ experience?

Haha, I had a guy who sat drinking a pitcher of beer to himself and loudly asking me to play Maroon 5. I’ve also had someone ask me to stop playing so that they could put on an ipod instead. However, it’s as with any bad time, I think most of those experiences become hilarious stories to tell over time.

What was your BEST DJ experience?

Every time I play music at all. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to play anywhere regardless of money or crowd or time.

What makes a DJ experience good for you?

I love making people dance, that’s probably the best, but even when folks aren’t dancing i’ll do more technical things to try to show a little of what goes into deejaying. I enjoy talking music with people afterwards too, but I can ramble a bit. (As i’m sure you can tell from this profile already).

What are your main pieces of equipment and your favorite?

I mostly use a dual deck cdj from Pioneer called the “CMX-3000”, i’ve owned about 5 over the years – it’s by far my favorite. I prefer Pioneer though I want to be good on any CDJ any time, that’s my ultimate goal skill-wise.

What else do you want qPDX to know about you?

I love reading these profiles a ton! I also just hope to be around in PDX a bit more in the future because the music scene is, like I said, an absolute joy to play for! The wide variety in flavor of dance parties is quite incredible.

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  • Ezmyrelda

    The MIDI file format came about in 1982, whereas the MOD file format came about in 1987. MODS are files that were made on “trackers” and included sequencing date (like midi) and audio files that were pitched up and down for the instruments.

    /end pedantry…

  • Haha, yeah, a couple of friends pointed that out after
    reading this. It makes me very happy to see someone just
    as nerdy to know and point it out : ).