Gay ol’ Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to an advent calendar of qPDX holiday shopping, a guide to local, queer or just plain random gifts that we think your loved ones will enjoy. This year for the 2011 Holigay Gift Guide contributors chose a theme, from eclectic to traditional and chose a few highlights of their favorite things. For the next few days we’ll add a new theme each day. So don’t worry that you missed the old school start of the Christmas shopping season, we’ve got you covered in plenty of (gay standard) time to shop in more interesting places than Wal-Mart. And remember, it may be triple points at all Supportland merchants Black Friday and Saturday but it’s still a deal to support local merchants all Christmas shopping season long.

Watch this post for new links every day and add your own suggestions in the comment area below.

Oh, and those new images in the header? They’re just my contribution to cheesy holiday decor. My house will also feature a pink tree near our fireplace. Talk about the holigays…

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