BRO Announces “No-Go” on the 2012 Ballot

Basic Rights Oregon announced early yesterday morning that they will not be putting the legalization of gay marriage on the ballot for the 2012 general election. During the month of October, television ads were ran in support for the initiative. However, the Oregon equality advocates stated that there is just not enough of a majority to risk such a costly campaign. BRO has been advised since the beginning of the Marriage Equality effort to not move forward in 2012 without a solid chance of victory.  After an online poll, which resulted in more than a 1,000 respondents, BRO stated that the increasing support for the freedom to marry will only get better in the next two years.

“Several factors, including the expense of waging a statewide campaign in the midst of an economic crisis, led us to conclude that (we) are better off extending our education campaign and momentum for a later election. This work is opening hearts and changing minds. Every day more and more Oregonians are coming to support the freedom to marry. In Oregon, the only path to allowing same-gender couples to join in civil marriage is through the ballot. It is not a question of if we will cross this threshold, but when, ” stated BRO.

State Representative, Tina Kotek also addressed the issue, “As a member of the Strategic Advisory Group that Basic Rights Oregon assembled to advise on this decision, I have been impressed with the thorough and thoughtful process to determine how and when to win the freedom to marry. This is an extremely personal issue for my partner and I, and while I’m eager to win, I want to move forward when the time is right. I am committed to winning the freedom to marry in Oregon.”

This is not a failure, but should be looked at as a future accomplishment. Both the queer and straight community need to come together, now more than ever, to help spread the word. I believe that with this continued effort, you will be seeing this initiative on the next  ballot. So, fellow Oregonians, don’t give up yet!


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