A weekend to go on a Space Odyssey to a deluded Donovan, a Communi-T Trans Resource Fair and more…just don’t forget your awkward poetry

Corrina Bain performs Friday as part of Q Poetry's Award Open Mic.


Hot Mess Grand Finale – Whether you’ve been attending religiously for the past 12 weeks or just want to see how it all turns out, tonight’s final contest is sure to be a knock down drag out fight to the hot mess death. With 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize packages starting at $700 you know these queens are going to be giving their all and putting on a good show. But who will win? Jackie Daniels? Jam N Toast? Allie McQueen? One of the other 6 contestants with or without an odd drag/stage name?

Wild Flag record release show – This one’s a bit of a non-starter. Not only is it the second night of a 2 night set, but it’s already sold out. However, I’m sure there’s a scalper or two out there and with regular tickets a reasonable $12-14 they shouldn’t command too much of a premium. But if you’re not willing to risk it these locals are sure to play again soon. In the meantime check out Wild Flag videos and news in earlier posts.


Bent – Your Nopo fav has a pretty extensive lineup this time around. Not only do you get a chance to see DJ of the week Pocket Rock-it, whose appearances are limited these days, but also Mr. Charming, Kasio Smashio, Bender and, as always, your illustrious residents Roy-G-Biv and Jodi Bon Jodi.

Cock Block – Women’s electronic/house/techno with the most lesbian named DJ in town Sappho.


Q Poetry’s Awkward open mic with Corrina Bain – I find that many open mics are awkward anyway, so why not embrace it. Q Poetry’s got your back and Corrina Bain, genderqueer performer and slam vet,  will surely make you feel that kind of awkward you enjoy. I’m feeling all funny inside! (Note this was incorrectly listed as Friday originally. It’s actually Saturday!)

Mrs. Space Odyssey – Mrs is always one of my favorite parties because people really take to the theme and dress it up. It’s like a less stressful, less sugar-toxic Halloween every month. And this month the theme is particularly stellar. I can’t wait to see who’s a rock star, who’s just a star and who’s a gas giant. And I’m totally holding out for the big bang.

Delusional Donovan pilot premiere – This new TV show follows a young man experiencing shiny happy hallucinations after a traumatic incident. Written, directed, produced and starring former members of the raucous Sissyboy troupe it is sure to be a wild ride for the small screen. And watch out for an interview with Writer/Director duo Devan McGrath and Mark “Zebra” Thomas later today or tomorrow.

Occupy the 80s with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Saturday

The Sister’s You Spin Me Round The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are favorite symbols of gay fun and charity across the nation. Join them tonight to revel in the extravagance that was the 80s. From Spicoli to Wall Street‘s Gordon Gekko it’s time to get your old school dance on in style cuz Frankie sez relax…

Notorious Neon party – Kitty (the ChiChi half of the stoner drag duo) hosts this neon themed, free, dance party at Red Cap. Red Cap is really on an upswing of new cool events and I think we owe a lot of that to Samuel Thomas. The triangle is gay and fun again!


Communi-T trans resource fair – Kick off to a week of celebrating (and mourning) the Trans Day of Remembrance features a very full afternoon. Five workshops of varying lengths run the gamut from self-defense to transition stages to spirituality. Plus it’s a great way to be social outside the nighttime bar scene.

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