Will Same-sex Marriage make it to Ballot in 2012?

"Love, Commitment, Marriage"

Basic Rights Oregon, the state’s largest nonprofit gay and transgender advocacy group, is finishing up a two year campaign educating the public on why marriage matters for all couples. In the next few weeks, there will be television ads featuring both gay and straight couples addressing the importance of the issue. The ads share the idea that committed couples marry for similar reasons, no matter how you identify. BRO will be teamed up with community leaders and campaign professionals to help decide if the issue will go to ballot in 2012. Information gathered through an online survey will used by BRO’s Board of Directors for the final decision.

“There is no doubt that every day more and more Oregonians are supporting the freedom to marry, and we are working tirelessly to make the most of this momentum. We are very close to majority support for the freedom to marry in Oregon. But, given the expense of a ballot campaign – financially, emotionally and politically – we will only go forward when we have a reasonable expectation of success.” quotes BRO’s Executive Director, Jeana Frazzini.

To date,The Oregon State Constitution excludes same-gender couples from marriage. The voter’s amended the state constitution in 2004, defining marriage as between one man and one woman that passed with 57% majority. This policy can be overturned by the vote of the people. The state of Oregon could become the first state on the country to pass the freedom to marry by vote of the people.

“Deciding whether to go to the ballot is not something we take lightly nor a decision we will make alone,” explains Frazzini.  “This must be a shared responsibility between Basic Rights Oregon, our coalition partners and the community at large. We cannot move forward unless we have a viable ballot measure and a supportive and engaged base of support.”

As the ballot nears, your voice matters! Show your support on this issue and help all Oregonians have the freedom to marry who they love. WAKE UP, OREGON! We have a chance to make history!

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