Pride countdown begins with the weekdays

Rai Villanueva will help kick off Pride with Thursday's gay ass Diesel party

Recently added events starred like so*

Truthfully, I think I’ve been putting off the Pride 2010 calendar because there’s do damn much to do that I’m overwhelmed. So let’s take this piece by piece. First, there’s plenty to do before we even get to the weekend. Workin’ stiffs, of which I now be one, gird your loins and take one for the team. It’s gonna be a busy week.


Pride Pub quizDid you know that it’s the 40th anniversary of the first Pride parade commemorating the June 1969 Stonewall riots? That’s why June is Pride month kids. Do you know about Harvey Milk day and Anita Bryant, Lon Mabon and the OCA? Have you ever been to the Lesbian Herstory Archives? Well, gear up your uber gay trivia because this pub quiz is gonna be both fun and educational. I’m putting on my hot librarian glasses cuz the competition is gonna be stiff…

*Gay Pride Kickoff Gay Skate!
Strap on some rollerskates and go kick it with the gays at Oak’s Park. A great way to roll into pride.$6. all ages, bring food donations for Esther’s Pantry. More


Fame/Gay PizzaFirst club night of the week especially for the Nopo alterna-crowd. Live set by The Lovers and DJs Tender, Alizeh and Party Martyr. Worth the trek up north.


The nights truly start tonight. If your boss expects your best Friday morning he’s gonna be disappointed.

Pride Pants partyI’m too cheap to busy Diesel jeans but I sure as hell sport ’em when they come my way. And I have no hesitation before attending one of their swag-laden parties. But the real reason to attend this soiree, besides Saucebox’s kick-ass Asian fusion is my girl Sugar Rai‘s artwork and live aerosol painting.

Gender Bender benefitFantastically entertaining fundraiser that goes to a member of our trans community for medical expenses. Next year though, the E Room might consider looking farther than their own doors for deserving community members.

PaparazziWalk the red carpet with larger than life drag-celeb-impersonators. Will we see a catfight between Marilyn Monroe and Brangelina? I Hope so!

Do the DarkFagula’s fabulous monthly Thursday party is the new insider’s secret. If you fancy yourself famous enough to come dressed as yourself this might be the party for you. Oh yeah, and there’s a weenie roast on the patio. Oh those summer nights!

GoldspurCowboy fetishes and country fantasies are no longer just for the boys. Hot cowpokes of all kinds of genders will be two-stepping into your heart and stingin’ you with their spurs. Rough ridin’ never felt so right before.

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