Do your weekend right

Meghan Mayhem at last month's Cuda Cabaret

Besides the all weekend long Circus Artemis, which you absolutely should not miss, there’s plenty of other queer happenings worth dancing it out to this weekend. These are what I’m considering…


The Gong ShowBad Scene Productions brings you a 70s game show redux for the 2nd time to benefit outside in. Judged by The Mercury’s Wm. Steven Humphrey & Marjorie Skinner and William Batty & Sadie LaGuerre of Wanderlust Circus there’s bound to be nothing appropriate of the former Sissyboy members performing as KD Rang and Mami Tsunami hosted show.

But I’m especially excited to see openers Hammercise with members of the Sprockettes bringing you a whole new way to exercise for summer getting in shape.

Check out a video recap below for a taste:

Gong Show Benefit for Outside In from the caedmonster on Vimeo.

Do the DarkThursday is the new Friday, but I would argue it’s always been queer Friday. With a great space at the Tonic Lounge (3100 Northeast Sandy) and Freddie Fagula at the helm DD is poised to be the new Booty fo sho. And if you meet that special someone? Well, Fantasy Video is right across the street…


Menz RoomI was enticed by the dirty dirty name from the very first Room night but alas I still have never been. A little mascara does wonders for my lady ‘stache so what the hell am I waiting for. DJs Yer Momm and Permanent Wave are out to prove that wet dreams really do cum true…

Cuda Cabaret‘s six-month anniversary – Dude, burlesque with the likes of Delilah Sinn and Burlesquire should be enough but if you need more it’s a special 6 mo b-day and they basically forced the Merc to go. Hott.

Love hurts so good...

Love HurtsA multi-gendered queer sex and play party. Whew, talk about your mixed bag baby…But anyone with posters as good as these guys must throw a good orgy right? Futurerama’s Bender with a giant screw erection? A buff dude dressed as a unicorn complete with hooves and a pink harness? Plus this time they’ll have a message board for the shy & quiet, yet secretly freaky individuals. Just write what you want and what you are wearing and wait for THEM to come to you.


Blow PonyThe reigning queer alterna-party is a duh, no-brainer…

Oh and there seems to be a fascinating banana theme this month…Banana Juice Jiggle: Charlie Sharps-Heatherette-Ezmerelda-Sprout and Guest? Hosted By The Wonderful Banana cream Pie Artemis Chase! Door Peel: Grrr-Nancy Bear and Austin

Don’t Ask Don’t TellMilitary has always been a popular gay theme but with 2 viral videos of servicemen dancing to Lady Gaga this camo’s gonna be on FIRE.

Forsorcerers, play/start and The CollectedRemember when we all used to go to live shows? Yeah? Well this one is free! And it is gonna rock your frickin’ socks off.

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