All women Circus Artemis takes the big top this weekend

Aerial Ladder Performed by Kricket Caffery, shireen press, & Brittany Walsh

The queer produced Circus Artemis will unfurl for three wonder filled days starting this Friday the 21st at Staver Locomotive (2537 NW 29th).

This Cirque du soleil meets Freak show a go-go will feature female operated fire dancing, contortionists, stilt walkers, trapeze artists, clowns and more. The ladies describe their mission as:

Taking a cue from a legendary “strong woman,” Portland’s most powerful, most talented female circus artists have united under a common goal. Their mission? To blow audiences away with amazing feats of strength, skill and beauty.

One of the most interesting stunts I look forward to seeing is the A-Wol Dance Collective, an aerial fabric act that glides through the air on silk stockings, a movement that blends style with an intense grace seen from below. House manager Diana Edwards describes the collective, and the whole of the show, as one of “strength, agility and magic.”

Because it is likely to to sell out, be sure to get tickets to the 2pm and 8pm (Sunday’s evening show is at 7) online or show up early. And for all you alchys out there have no fear, wine and beer are fully available at concession. Plus, the earlyish show leaves plenty of time to get to the clubs (I know it’s Blow Pony this weekend).

Pre-show live music from Pie for Breakfast String Band! Fire performance by some of the Circus Artemis performers after all evening shows! A video from last year with just a taste of what you can expect accompanies a complete list of performers is below. Don’t miss it.


Shireen Press (single point trapeze and poi)
and Indigo Teiwes (poi)


their entire company of 12 women (aerial fabric)

Brittany Walsh (contortion/hand-balancing)

Daniela Steiner (circus trapeze and acrobatics)

Kricket Caffery (single point trapeze)

Kyoko Uchida (circus trapeze and acrobatics)

The Circus Project featuring Jenn Cohen (cloud swing)

Night Flight featuring Gemma Adams and Stephanie Lopes (aerial hoop)

Revolva (hula hoops)

Shersten Finley (aerial straps)

Sy Parrish (single point dance trapeze)

Tera Nova Zarra(strong woman)

Zephyr Nelson, Maria Thomas, Izzy Thomas and Matilde Thomas (juggling)

Sarah Liane Foster (MC)

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