Bacardi comes up with fat phobic, sexist ad campaign

Sexist, Sizist advertising by Bacardi

Sexist, Sizist advertising by Bacardi

I just found out via Facebook that Bacardi has decided it’s a great idea to come up with a sizist, sexist ad campaign for their Bacardi rum. Another example of stupid people getting paid too much?

I really feel that addressing sizism and sexism in the queer community and in society in general  is part of  my “mission” as a queer person  to create a more equal, more loving, more respectful and diverse society. There are so many hot big girls and boys (and everyone in between) in this town. Plus, we all know queers drink a lot. (let’s be honest, here)

Fuck You Bacardi, I don’t support any alcohol that uses discriminatory practices in their advertising !

Wanna take action?

I’ve heard the new queerish bar in town, Invasion, is pulling Bacardi from its shelves in response. If you work in a bar, or have any sway at your local, you could do the same. There is also a livejournal community that is currently discussing this issue, and they is more information there.

I never liked Bacardi anyway. Good riddance! Let’s discuss-but please don’t post ranty fat-phobic comments in response to this post, or I’ll start disliking you.

5 comments to Bacardi comes up with fat phobic, sexist ad campaign

  • sumR

    i think that girl is HOTT. i wonder if the model knew what the photo she was in was going to be used for? what hott fat chick wants to be called "an ugly girlfriend" in a liquor ad? not me.

    beer and liquor companies are notorious for doing anything to get people to buy their product. bud light will sponsor Pride events but their company is far from queer-friendly. banning certain liquors is a nice way to be defiant but really, almost all these corporate liquor companies have their not-so-queer/gender/female/fat/race/class-friendly aspects. this ad is pretty blatantly sizist and sexist though. i'm not saying i'm gonna buy bacardi but i'm kinda ambivelent to people drinking/buying/stocking it if they choose. drag kings continually lip sync eminem and we all know he's pretty homophobic…so all i can say is each person should be allowed to make a fully informed decision about what they do for themselves.

    thanks for posting this info/ad.

  • Nichim

    Not only is this ad offensive in so many ways, it's confusing. So they're trying to say only ugly girls will drink Bacardi Breezers (which is one of those ghastly alcopop things, not straight rum)? Or is it that you are so undesirable that even ugly girls won't go out with you unless you get them blitzed on Bacardi Breezers? I don't get it. And that girl is hot.

  • Lyra

    I have never seen a mainstream alcohol ad that had the image of a person in it that wasn't fucked up. They're all sexist, sizist, etc. Not to say that boycotting bacardi is a bad idea, but if you look at alcohol ads regularly, you'll find that they're all fucked up.

  • I agree, but am also aware that we don't as readily go after them for sexism when they use skinny, scantily clad, "stereotypically pretty" straight girls on their floats, in parades, etc. It is every bit as sexist and demeaning.