Stuf 4 tonight, CRAVE @ CRUSH, birthdays, it’s a grab bag…

your chance for a quiet night in..

your chance for a quiet night in..

A grab bag of important/not so important stuff…first, a brief afternoon update on the happenings tonight. Just so you know it is NOT doubledown tonight @ holocene (we had it on the calendar and it were wrong, so, apologies, holocene is closed for a private party tonight. I want to have a private party at holocene, damnit!) I also have family in town all the way from Planet Urop, so i’m not getting as much blogging in as I usually do.

There are a few things going on:

Queer Youth Movie Night, The Laramie Project, 7-10pm @ Q-Center
Bare As You Dare Party, 9pm-Late @ Dirty Duck

And of course all the standby venues such as E room, Red Cap/Boxxes, Embers, Silverado, Scandals, etc etc.
Or you could have a quiet night in with your knitting…

I went to CRAVE @ CRUSH last night which was a lot of fun – it was full but not quite as packed as usual, I think everyone is still recov’ing from PRIDE, nontheless fun was had. I got talked into a crazy androgyny contest which was not really my thing (not in extroverted mode last night, sorry folks) but the audience loved it and people really tried hard to wow the crowd. Music could have been a bit less ’90’s R’n’B, and some people need to learn the meaning of the word “boundaries”  and “I’m here with someone” but nevertheless I didn’t lose my composure and got a chance to dance! Fun was had. Thanks Crave Team.

Also I noticed that SuperGay has developed a following on CraigsList (thank you to all who pointed this out) which is very sweet! I will let SuperGay know next time I see them 🙂

I would also like to point out to everyone who reads this rambly post that it’s Alley Hector’s birthday on Monday, and it’s mine, Perry Winkle’s, on Tuesday, so feel free to buy us sneakers (which Alley and I both love), drinks (Alley drinks rum’n diet and I like whiskey ginger), or cake (choc cake is my favourite, don’t know about Al) or just tell us you love us. Because we love you!

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