Bacardi comes up with fat phobic, sexist ad campaign

Sexist, Sizist advertising by Bacardi

Sexist, Sizist advertising by Bacardi

I just found out via Facebook that Bacardi has decided it’s a great idea to come up with a sizist, sexist ad campaign for their Bacardi rum. Another example of stupid people getting paid too much?

I really feel that addressing sizism and sexism in the queer community and in society in general  is part of  my “mission” as a queer person  to create a more equal, more loving, more respectful and diverse society. There are so many hot big girls and boys (and everyone in between) in this town. Plus, we all know queers drink a lot. (let’s be honest, here)

Fuck You Bacardi, I don’t support any alcohol that uses discriminatory practices in their advertising !

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