Why we aren’t in the Pride Guide this year – reservations about the deal with Willamette Week

The 2008 qPDX Pride Guide ad

This Wednesday the Willamette Week, the alternative newsweekly that was given the rights to publish the Pride Guide this year, released the 2011 official Portland Pride Guide. Unfortunately, you won’t see us in it.

qPDX has had an ad in the Pride Guide for the last 4 years so it feels a little sad to be left out this year, but it just […]

American Apparel starts trans clothing line – or is it just a bad joke?

American Apparel has either launched a clothing line for mtf trans people or someone is playing a joke

Is it really love or just a game? American Apparel has apparently launched a new line of clothing for MTF trans people called Trans Am, or someone is making a very bad and very elaborate joke. There is a lot of conflicting news fluttering around the web about this at the […]

str8 cologne an issue of h8 or just annoying?

STR8's the only way, apparently

A brand of cologne called “STR8” as been fluttering around the internet for a little while – complete with seemingly homophobic tagline: “STR8. There’s no other way”

What is this? The work of another group of religious nuts? Scientology side-income? No – seems like a hungarian/polish perfume company making a quick buck on the back of good-old american wistfulness for the great beyond.


Bacardi comes up with fat phobic, sexist ad campaign

Sexist, Sizist advertising by Bacardi

I just found out via Facebook that Bacardi has decided it’s a great idea to come up with a sizist, sexist ad campaign for their Bacardi rum. Another example of stupid people getting paid too much?

I really feel that addressing sizism and sexism in the queer community and in society in general is part of my “mission” as a queer person to create […]