Conversations from the Gayborhood: Coyote Grace’s Ingrid Elizabeth

Ingrid Elizabeth of Coyote Grace will be performing solo this weekend in Seattle.

The first time I ever heard Coyote Grace, I asked them if they would play at my wedding. A friend took a group of us to see the show at a downtown pub when I was living in Flagstaff, AZ. It was one of those experiences that takes you by surprise: I wasn’t expecting to discover […]

Italy to open a prison dedicated to trans inmates

Italy to open trans only prison

The BBC reported today that Italy has made plans to open a prison dedicated solely to housing trans identified inmates. The former medium security women’s prison will house up to 30 people, even though approximately 60 transgendered people are interred in other Italian prisons total, which may mean that more transgendered prisons will be opened across Italy in the future.


Openly trans Oregon mayor in hot water over short skirt

Stu Rasmussen made headlines last November when he became the first openly transgendered mayor of the quaint Oregon town of Silverton. And, despite visits from Fred Phelps church and a very small amount of opposition Rasmussen appears to be an accepted and effective city leader. However, this hot weather has gotten him in a bit of hot water when a local woman filed a complaint against Stu for revealing what […]

Just In: Portland’s Trans March changes name, launches website

The Portland Trans March, which previously marched alongside the DykeMarch as part of Pride is moving in a different direction and emphasizes this with a name change: The Trans March is now “Gender (Free) For All”, and the march will be taking place on August 1st, outside of Pride.

PDX Trans March changes name, concept to "Gender (Free) For All"

Gender (Free) For All has just launched their own […]