Perry’s Plethoric Pride Pantheon Redux – Portland Pride Weekend in Review

Gay Cat

Gay Cat

Wow – what a weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering, and finding glitter in unexpected places. This year’s Pride was an amazing experience for me. Five nights, ten parties, two marches, and zero gay bashings or homophobic incidents (as far as we know). A vibrant, powerful and peaceful pride despite a lot of changes this year – to the Pride route, to […]

God Hates Fags “church” to picket Grant HS

San Franciscans respond humourously to WBC hatred

San Franciscans respond humourously to WBC hatred

The Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for it’s anti-gay stance (“God Hates Fags”and other tripe) and aggressive, homophobia filled picketing, is coming to Portland to picket Grant HS on June 3rd. The WBC regularly pickets anything that is not a supermarket trolley, but why they are suddenly descending on Grant HS isn’t quite clear. (They aren’t that rational.)

An anti-picket demonstration is currently […]

Friday: Gender (Free) For All Fundraiser @ IOW

Gender (Free) For All will be more colourful than this logo suggests, promise

The *new* TransMarch, our friends at Gender (Free) For All, are holding a fundraiser to help offset the cost of the march/concert/awesomeness/fuck yeah this Friday at In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth St. Come on drag (your interpretation!), Have fun, mingle, snack, win prizes such as sex toy stuff, tattoo stuff from adorn, massage, pet […]

Just In: Portland’s Trans March changes name, launches website

The Portland Trans March, which previously marched alongside the DykeMarch as part of Pride is moving in a different direction and emphasizes this with a name change: The Trans March is now “Gender (Free) For All”, and the march will be taking place on August 1st, outside of Pride.

PDX Trans March changes name, concept to "Gender (Free) For All"

Gender (Free) For All has just launched their own […]