American Apparel starts trans clothing line – or is it just a bad joke?

American Apparel has either launched a clothing line for mtf trans people or someone is playing a joke

Is it really love or just a game? American Apparel has apparently launched a new line of clothing for MTF trans people called Trans Am, or someone is making a very bad and very elaborate joke. There is a lot of conflicting news fluttering around the web about this at the […]

Italy to open a prison dedicated to trans inmates

Italy to open trans only prison

The BBC reported today that Italy has made plans to open a prison dedicated solely to housing trans identified inmates. The former medium security women’s prison will house up to 30 people, even though approximately 60 transgendered people are interred in other Italian prisons total, which may mean that more transgendered prisons will be opened across Italy in the future.


Tomorrow: T*Party at Peninsula Park

T*Party at Peninsula Park is a friendly potluck for trans identified people, dragsters, genderqueers, gender variants and allies. It will be happening at Peninsula Park from 6pm until it’s dark. Bring food, drinks and games to share (there will be BBQs for cooking). Come and mingle and make some new friends!