Openly trans Oregon mayor in hot water over short skirt

Stu Rasmussen made headlines last November when he became the first openly transgendered mayor of the quaint Oregon town of Silverton. And, despite visits from Fred Phelps church and a very small amount of opposition Rasmussen appears to be an accepted and effective city leader. However, this hot weather has gotten him in a bit of hot water when a local woman filed a complaint against Stu for revealing what she called “too much skin” at a meeting with a group of local kids.

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Silverton, Oregon’s trans mayor, Stu Rasmussen, may get his own reality show

Photo by Danielle Peterson / Statesman Journal

Portlanders expect our hometown to be weird, and indeed, I think Portland could launch a thousand successful reality TV shows. What we don’t expect is to be upstaged by a small town neighbor. When the first openly trangendered mayor, Stu Rasmussen, was elected last fall, however, Silverton clearly got the best of us. Now they may beat us to the reality front as well.

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