SlutWalk Portland – Now sponsored by July 31st.

From Slut Walk Dallas
From Slut Walk Dallas

What are some sex positive words for women? (I couldn't think of any either)

How do you feel about the term slut? Don’t like it? (why?) Whore? Bitch? Ho? Loose woman, even? When was the last time you heard the statement “he had it coming” or “she was dressed like a slut” in response to another person getting raped? When was the last time you considered a man who was sexually assaulted less of a victim because he’s not a woman?
SlutWalk is a loud and proud FUCK YOU to all of those who support pro-shame, anti-healthy-sex, pro-rape. And we need you. You’re monogamous, in a long term relationship? You have a couple of lovers? You do sex work? You’re male-indentified? You’;re shy? You’re a gay man who doesn’t interact much with women? Doesn’t matter. If you believe sex is fun and pleasure is good for you, and that rape won’t end until rapists stop raping, you need to come to SlutWalk. July 31st. 1pm. Park Blocks. Be there.

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