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What are some sex positive words for women? (I couldn't think of any either)

How do you feel about the term slut? Don’t like it? (why?) Whore? Bitch? Ho? Loose woman, even? When was the last time you heard the statement “he had it coming” or “she was dressed like a slut” in response to another person getting raped? When was the last time you considered a man who was sexually assaulted less of a victim because he’s not a woman?
SlutWalk is a loud and proud FUCK YOU to all of those who support pro-shame, anti-healthy-sex, pro-rape. And we need you. You’re monogamous, in a long term relationship? You have a couple of lovers? You do sex work? You’re male-indentified? You’;re shy? You’re a gay man who doesn’t interact much with women? Doesn’t matter. If you believe sex is fun and pleasure is good for you, and that rape won’t end until rapists stop raping, you need to come to SlutWalk. July 31st. 1pm. Park Blocks. Be there.
What are some sex positive terms for women that don’t have negative connotations? How can we, those of us who identify as women and those of us who don’t, reclaim our sexuality in healthy ways? How can we resist and work against the ancient and ingrained idea that sex is bad, that women should not feel good about their bodies, and that sexual violence, whether committed by strangers or people we’re familiar with, happens to us, all of us, because we are not “vigilant” enough about the way we walk, talk, dress, or do our hair? Because we look too queer, too femme, too dykey, too faggy, too slutty, too black, too poor? How can approach people like the Toronto Police Const. Michael Sanguinetti, who told a personal security class at York University that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” ? Men, are you OK with being told you are just a victim of your hormones, genetically predisposed to evoking fear in public places, a slave of your genitals, someone to be afraid of because you could be a potential rapist?

If a woman can avoid getting raped by not “dressing like a slut” (which is a blatant lie. Women who wear burqas get raped. Women who are sex workers get raped. Women who are dentists get raped. You get the picture), then it’s a woman’s responsibility to prevent getting raped. A woman is supposed to “carry her keys between her fingers” when she walks to the car. A woman should not dress “slutty”. A woman should not talk to strangers. A woman should always, anytime, be afraid that she could be violently sexually assaulted, have a fearful attitude towards men and sex, and feel like it is her fault if some day she does get sexually assaulted.

The only way rape and sexual assault will stop is when rapists stop raping. Period. No clothing change or morality shift, no religion, no police force, no ban on porn or strip clubs or sex work or alcohol will stop rape if rapists keep raping.

Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you. Everyone has the right to explore and enjoy their bodies, and be present in public (and private) spaces in a safe way. Regardless if someone is drunk, on drugs, wearing little clothing, a sex worker, hot, a nun, a dentist, a boy, a bottom, naked, a pervert, known (or assumed) to have been sexually promiscious, rape and sexual assault are never deserved. Rape is never OK.

Because we at qPDX believe in the equality of all people, and we follow sex-positive, feminist, queer-centric principles, we hope that you, regardless of whether you consider yourself a “slut” or are comfortable using that word, come to SlutWalk Portland to demonstrate against slut shaming, victim blaming, anti-sex, pro-rape culture that vilifies healthy sexual oppression, especially of women, men who have sex with men, queers, queens, fags, girls, sex workers, and especially the above who are people of colour and who are not affluent.

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