New woman-centric sex toy store She Bop opens its naughty and nice arms to the community


Co-owners Jeneen Doumitt and Evy Cowan

Even in a bad economy people usually continue to drink and to have sex. Just as bars as full as they ever were, so too can a burgeoning sex toy shop thrive in the downturn.

At least that is the hope of Evy Cowan and Jeneen Doumitt, two long time friends, who just opened, She Bop, an adult boutique specializing in non-toxic body safe toys, books, DVDs and gifts for women. The bright and airy store, open 7 days a week from 11 to 7, set just off Mississippi Ave (909 N Beech) is a friendly and close in alternative to the fantastic, but out of the way It’s My Pleasure.

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